Best Practices Roundtable

A Best Practices Roundtable is an intense, highly interactive, decision-making session for the operational team. All attendees come prepared to discuss all aspects of the business, from purchasing and receiving, to food production and safety, to the steps of service from the host(ess), server and bartender perspectives. Our facilitators, seasoned in restaurant operations, help teams identify their own best practices and share expertise to come up with the best solutions to operational problems the company is facing. The outcome of the Best Practices Roundtable is a “Best Practices Road Map” for superior operating systems.


  • Improved efficiency and elimination of redundancies resulting in a simplified operation.
  • Increased product quality.
  • Higher guest satisfaction.
  • Significant increase in bottom-line profitability.
  • Improved morale related to operations that are easier to manage.
  • Reduction in the amount of stress on managers and employees.