Operations Assessments

CRS offers a comprehensive top to bottom, front and back of the house assessment, identifying opportunities to improve operational efficiency, increase throughput, and maximize profitability. We utilize our observations, industry best practices, extensive experience, and understanding of restaurant operations to provide clients with targeted and impactful recommendations that truly drive the business forward.


  • Streamlined, efficient operation.
  • Enhanced morale for the entire team.
  • Better experience for the guests.
  • Less stress.
  • Increased top line sales.
  • Significant reduction in operating costs.
  • More money on the bottom line.

“By my conservative estimate, your work saved me 6 months’ worth of worry and aggravation. It is so rare these days to meet professionals with your talent, your creativity, your dedication, and your sense of humor. Your contribution to our Boston location was instrumental in our winning our “Best New Restaurant in Boston” award after just 3 months of operation…”

Mari Anne Snow
Former VP, Leadership and Team Development, FiRE + iCE