A company that promises to give each client superior customer service, providing guidance and expertise throughout the partnership, meeting or exceeding expectations and deadlines, opening the door to our additional resources, and not being satisfied until each client is a raving fan.

Employee Life Cycle


  • Work can be fun.
  • Turnover doesn’t have to be high.
  • Every operation benefits from an unbiased perspective.
  • Change for the sake of change is not an effective strategy.
  • Training materials must reflect each organization’s uniqueness.
  • Training is key to successful operations, but it doesn’t solve every challenge.
  • Employees speak more openly to an outsider.
  • One size does not fit all.
  • Consultants must provide results-oriented solutions to each client.


  • Enhance operational effectiveness.
  • Improve the guest and employee experience.
  • Reduce turnover/improve retention.
  • Get the REAL scoop on each organization.
  • Help leaders and their teams realize their greatest potential.
  • Maximize profitability; minimize expense.


  • Conduct a thorough assessment of the organization to determine the root cause to perceived problems.
  • Gather insight from managers and employees for a comprehensive perspective.
  • Study clients’ cultures, philosophies, and procedures.
  • Utilize past experience and industry expertise to establish credibility.


  • Managers’ jobs are easier: they focus their attention on developing employees, taking care of their guests and enjoying a better quality of life.
  • Employees’ morale is improved: engagement and retention increase.
  • Guests have great experiences: they come more often, become raving fans and increase top line sales.
  • Operations are more streamlined: costs decrease, more money hits the bottom line and stakeholders are happier.
  • Recruiters are under less pressure to just hire a body: they focus efforts on getting top talent.
  • HR has fewer complaints from disgruntled employees: they focus on developing incentive programs, supporting operations and investigating cost saving opportunities.
  • Everyone gets a better night’s sleep!