Employee & Manager Surveys

Maintaining employee and manager morale is critical in the face of layoffs, decreased sales, and increased costs. Employers can’t control these challenging times, but they can influence the level of engagement and satisfaction of their employees. Engaged employees are defined by their loyalty, motivation, hard work, and commitment. They are enthusiastic about their jobs and the organizations they work for. More often than not, they are the champions willing to go above and beyond to ensure the organization’s success.

CRS’ Surveys help employers measure the level of engagement and/or satisfaction in their teams to assess where intervention and/or training may be necessary. CRS partners with clients to develop targeted telephone or online surveys.  CRS administers the surveys, then tabulates quantitative and qualitative results, and provides targeted resolutions based on findings.


  • Zero in on issues negatively affecting engagement and productivity.
  • Pinpoint company best practices positively impacting engagement and productivity.
  • Identify targeted resolutions to opportunities.
  • Further define roles, responsibilities, and expectations driving performance.
  • Address employee concerns before they lead to turnover.

CRS’ surveys are completely customizable.  Typically questions center around some or all of these topics:

  • Relationship with Supervisor(s)
  • Working Conditions
  • Company Culture
  • Development
  • Communication
  • Resources/Processes

“One of my first actions as President of Raising Cane’s was to retain Creative Restaurant Solutions, Inc. to survey our leaders, GMs and support office staff regarding their perspective on the past, present, and future of the company as we opened our support office in Plano. The team at CRS, Inc. really embraced our brand and understood our culture, digging deep to get phenomenal information we could never have gotten internally. The information gathered by CRS, Inc. was everything I wanted and needed to move the brand forward, and they tailored their questions and their presentation of the data to match our needs, all in a very tight time frame. Their insights provided and recommendations were helpful in addressing issues, focusing on cultural strengths and the survey feedback even impacted the physical design of our new office. CRS, Inc.’s sweet spot is probing to get the real scoop, and I can’t think of anyone who does it better than they do.”

Clay Dover
President, Raising Cane’s

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