Training & Operations Manuals

CRS is committed to developing training materials that are impactful, user-friendly, and include the appropriate amount of hands-on, group, and classroom work. We believe in spending time working each position (management or hourly) prior to writing manuals so we get a feel for the company culture and the challenges each team member faces in performing their function.

Some of our favorite materials to develop are hourly flyers, MIT programs, Operations Manuals, and Limited Time Offer Guides.


  • Materials address the challenges each position faces and how to overcome them.
  • Day-to-day operations are streamlined and easier to execute.
  • Trainees have a 360° view on how to have an immediate impact on the entire operation.
  • Customized programs are easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to update.

“WOW! I am so thrilled with everything you have done to help us move our position training materials & Ops Manual to a much higher level. You not only delivered everything promised; you exceeded my very high expectations….I’m confident that our relationship will continue.”

Mark Long
Sr. Director Operations & Franchise Services, Mazzio’s