Training Completion Interviews

Training Completion Interviews identify strengths and opportunities of training programs and help determine the return on training investment. We interview new managers shortly after completing their training to get feedback on training locations and materials, trainers, reality vs. expectations, and the challenges facing trainees.


  • Identify opportunities within each new manager and determine where additional training is needed.
  • Discover strengths and opportunities of training programs.
  • Pinpoint potential topics for additional development courses.
  • Provide targeted coaching and feedback to trainers.
  • Determine the effectiveness of training locations.
  • Uncover inconsistencies between the messages recruiters give to MITs and the reality of the management experience.
  • Show interest in the continued progress and satisfaction of new managers.

“Upon partnering with the team at CRS and with their expertise, a truly focused interview was crafted targeting our specific topics of concern with thorough lines of questioning. Very quickly following the implementation of CRS’ Training Completion Interviews, we have observed significant realization and impact within the Claim Jumper training team. It’s clear the CRS interviewers do an excellent job of digging deep to get frank, relevant, impactful, and actionable information from each participant. The resulting summary reports have identified both short-term and long-term opportunities for our training programs, some of which we implemented simply, immediately, and with very little cost!”

Bill Story
Vice President of Management Recruiting & Training, Claim Jumper Restaurants