Hourly Exit Interviews

Hourly turnover in the restaurant industry is rampant – and costly ($2,399 per employee, according to People Report™).  CRS conducts thorough Hourly Exit Interviews as a neutral third party to identify the REAL reasons staff members leave an organization. We gather qualitative and quantitative data on topics critical to employee satisfaction to highlight what companies can do to significantly reduce turnover and improve teamwork to improve the guest experience.  Clients typically focus on restaurants or regions with the highest levels of turnover; CRS can also implement a company-wide Hourly Exit Interview initiative.


  • Identify REAL reasons employees leave an organization.
  • Analyze employees’ perceptions on key criteria related to their employment experience.
  • Determine the effectiveness of employee training programs and company-wide initiatives.
  • Address ineffective relationships and communication issues.
  • Provide targeted coaching and feedback to managers and trainers.
  • Uncover key issues affecting morale in individual locations.

“Our company has used the hourly and manager exit interview programs for several years now. The information it provides routinely allows us to evaluate and fix issues that may have gone unnoticed….CRS is flexible and has customized the exit interview to meet our needs and continues to be a great business partner for us.”

Scott Cortner
VP of HR, Apple Sauce, Inc./Apple Illinois, LLC