Training Facilitation

All of our facilitators have experience in the restaurant/foodservice industry so we can relate to the trials and tribulations facing our clients’ teams. Whether clients need a speaker for a GM Conference or for smaller regional meetings, we guarantee relevant content that has an impact on the way managers manage. We have an extensive list of topics we customize and present, and we are also available when clients have a program developed but need another facilitator.

Some of the topics we love to facilitate are:

  • WOO Them, WOW Them, WIN Them Over
  • Making Cents of Your P&L
  • Give ’em the Pickle!
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Managing and Embracing Change
  • Elevating Your Leadership Skills
  • Dynamic Delegation and Fabulous Feedback
  • Game-Winning Coaching Skills
  • Empowering the Trainer Within


  • Attendees grow to be the best in their position.
  • Retention is improved as development is provided.
  • Action plans are based on actual assessment of skills.
  • Managers are empowered to share key learnings.